Hello, fellow super!

Thanks for dropping by my beautifully messy place on the Internet!

I’ve always valued connections among people, events and things. In here, I’ll be sharing the faces that bring joy to my life, the pockets of moments that I take mental pictures of and all the other things that color my world.

I believe that there is a sacredness in doing things intentionally.  I love the process of learning, and so I am naturally interested in the transformation of anything.  After all the beauty of living is in growing, isn’t it?

I gravitate towards things that are well thought-out, practical and fun. Through this passion project, I advocate the value of character, self-awareness and intentional living. My dream is that the activity kits, books and events coming forth from this space will also inspire young individuals, children and families.

It feels great to create something that reminds me of my purpose everyday. Together let's build a better world where everyone is a better version of themselves.

- Kim Espartero

Chief Intentionality Officer