Being Super

Here’s one question I don’t know what to make of: “How do you do it all?”

Hi, my name is Kim, and I’m a busy, pulled-apart mom, just like you, trying to answer that question.


As parents, we are constantly being pulled in various directions. We are expected to provide good education to the kids, be financially successful in our businesses or career, live in a presentable house ready to welcome guests, eat healthy food, spend time with the family, pursue sports or hobbies and raise decent human beings. Most families are chasing after this “ideal” that we get lost in what is important - the present time, the experiences we share with the people we care most about.

I am not suggesting that everyone should forego hygiene, let the dishes pile on the sink, pull your kids out of school, or to quit your job to travel the world. (Although, you can if you want to. And that’s totally okay.) What I know has been working for us is this -- dropping out of the exhausting race towards the have-it-all life and letting go of perfection every step of the way.

How? Two words that rocked my world:


                   INTENTIONAL LIVING


That’s how this passion project came to be.



Let’s Be Super seeks to help you as a parent, to build your life as a family with intention. We strive to be purposive about where we want to put our time, what we consider having value, and how we choose to live life. It starts with knowing how powerful our intentions are.

Outdoor play

Being super is experiencing joy right here, right now.

The fleeting delight when we indulge in pleasurable things...

Or the end-of-the-road gladness when we reach a dream…

And everything else in between - those everyday, wonderfully simple and beautiful moments.

Being super is being joyous - the intention of OUR family. We believe it is YOURS, too.

Let’s learn and journey together into knowing and enjoying a life of being SUPER.

- Kim