Start and sustain a gratitude practice

In November 2016, I took on a personal challenge to practice gratitude for 365 days and to write down every single thing I am thankful for that day. Like with anything, the first step to success is commitment. I’m proud to say I have exceeded 365 days in my gratitude practice and there’s no stopping me. This practice is just too good to give up. I urge you to try this as it is proven to be an instant mood booster, pick-me-upper and life changer.

There’s nothing grand about my daily practice - it’s just a list. It can be anything, really, from simple ones like eating cake for breakfast to something more profound like the spiritual healing of someone dear to me. Anybody can totally do this, with whatever you already have.

Ready to lift your spirit? Here are 3 tips to help you be successful at starting a gratitude practice:

  1. Simple. If you are like me, I started out ambitious - bought a journal, colorful pens, and decorative stickers. Then I spent more than an hour on my first entry. If you’ve got time and crafts bring joy, go for it. In my case, I knew this was too much work for me to do daily. Now, my gratitude list is on my phone!  

  2. Sincere. On the first few weeks I racked my brains for something deep but the reality is I’m not writing the list for anybody else. There is no special criteria for making it to the list: what I love, what brings me peace, what sparks hope, what moves the soul, or just whatever makes me smile.

  3. Sustainable. I got a very good tip from life coach Kimi Lu: you can meditate anytime, anywhere. I think the same goes for the gratitude list. I’ve done it while in transit, in a quiet room (rare treat!), while eating, while bathing. The important thing is the intention you place in making it a regular practice.

Greta pose 4.jpg

Let’s count rainbows together, shall we?

What are you most grateful for?