For Keeps


What takes up space in your life? The things you save, the relationships you have, the memories that matter to you - do they bring you joy?

One of our favorite ways of practicing gratitude is keeping records of items, places, faces and phases in our life that make us happy. How? Here are 3 fun ways:

  1. Gratitude box: In sticky notes, we write the things we are grateful for on a given day. Roll or fold it up and drop it in a small box. If you love DIY (like us!), we create a paper box through origami — it makes the entire activity more meaningful.

  2. Gratitude journal: The simplest way to do gratitude memory-keeping is with a notebook and a pen. Fun notebooks and colorful writing pencils entice the kids (and adults!) to do it regularly.

  3. Gratitude games: We like to use our I Am Grateful prompt cards to encourage everyone in a group to participate in an uplifting activity. Our kids like to play the gratitude-versions of scavenger hunt, bingo and tic-tac-toe.

How about you? How do you celebrate life in small ways regularly? How do you honor the things that are for keeps?