What's there to be grateful for?

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When things aren’t going your way, it is easy to think: “What is there to be grateful for?” At times like this I like to step into nature and make a mental note of all the things available for free to enjoy:

  • Trees - To me, trees symbolize abundance. The strong trunk, sturdy branches, lush foliage, fruits and flowers they carry — all of these don’t appear overnight. It takes years of steady nourishment and resilience towards ever-changing climates.

  • Rain - Imagine how one can live or grow without it?

  • Flowers - Who was it that said flowers are the result of the earth’s laughter. What a appropriate metaphor because flowers really do bring beauty to every space they fill.

  • Wind - To be grateful for something that cannot be seen is a gift itself. The power of the wind can blow away fallen leaves, move waters, and carry flowers.

  • Stones - Durable, strong and compact, stones build foundations, neutralize energies and support living beings.

  • Sun!

How wonderful that such a radiant source of energy, light and warmth is not owned by anyone, and is, in fact for everyone. So it is true that when things aren’t what you wanted them to be, chin up - and look to the sun! That’s one thing that is evidently beaming at you! (yes, I meant that as literally shining light on you, and figuratively sending you a smile)

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What is something readily available that you are grateful for?