Sending Sunshine

Gratitude with Greta Stationery

Who have you thanked this week? It can be someone who helped you, inspired you, or just made you smile. It can be yourself! Because you deserve thanks for being your usual SUPER self. Sending a note of gratitude is good for the soul.

There are 3 SUPER elements in sending gratitude:

  1. WHO/WHAT: the person/ item that you are

    I am grateful for you, my sister, for going on a picnic with me.

  2. WHY: the reason you are thankful

    Thank you for choosing to spend time with me this weekend.

  3. HOW: the feeling you get when you remember what you are grateful for

    Just being with you made me so happy.

With the next note of appreciation that you send, try including the 3 SUPER elements and bring your “Thanks” to a whole different level.

Send some sunshine to someone today.