Magnet for miracles

Greta soc med 2.jpg

Miracles are amazing and surprising events in life. Miracles happen when one believes. Miracles, like gratitude, are works of the divinity/magic/soul (whatever your belief system is). When one is grateful, one opens up the space for the unexpected (like miracles) to happen. When one is grateful, one draws goodness naturally and effortlessly (similar to how a magnet attracts metals). When one is grateful, one is actively taking the first steps towards the miracles they want in their lives.

Everyday we are witnesses to miracles of life - the breath we take every second; from the sunrise in the morning to the moon’s presence at night; the people who have been part of our lives and other living things on this earth.

Try this today: Envision a miracle that would be wonderful to experience in your life. Then say thanks for all the tiny miracles you already have. Believe that the miracle you just envisioned is on its way to you.