Choosing to begin

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Who says starting something only happens at the beginning of the day, on a Monday, or in January?

It is the last quarter of the year and we feel like we are at the beginning, literally and figuratively. Different place to call home. Different places to shop from. A different church to frequent. The move is bringing us to into a new season: New daily routine. New family dynamics. New priorities.

You can decide to begin RIGHT NOW.

At this very moment, we can choose to be grateful…

For a new opportunity, a fresh start, or a clean slate.

(I am grateful that I have been waking up to a relaxed state after 17 years of having a busy fast-paced big-city lifestyle)

For an open door or open eyes.

(I am grateful I can marvel at the beautiful flowers and pine trees that greet me every morning)

For a possibility or a take-off.

(I am grateful for slow living - just the thing I needed to propel higher)

These are things that I am grateful for at this moment. While there was no mention of anything that I materially own, there are no rules or criteria with what counts as something to be grateful for. There are times I have gratitude for starting something, anything…

  • Maybe it is a book to read (Oh, the wonderful feeling that you get to spend time with a book that isn’t about learning the alphabet!)

  • Or likely a job/class (I am grateful for everything I will learn upon saying yes to a new job or enrolling myself into a course)

  • Even perhaps a better relationship, with someone, with God, with nature or with yourself. (I am grateful for new neighbors, for my renewed spirituality, for living closer to nature, and for a deeper appreciation towards my true self.

Take a moment to think, what is something you started that you are grateful for?